Explain Everything is my favourite iPad education app. The recent release of a new version has only enhanced my appreciation for the incredible 'recordable' whiteboard app.

As well as a new user interface that is easier to understand, the major new feature in v.2 of Explain Everything is support for inserting and recording videos into your slides. The potential uses of this are many:

  • Take a video of a science experiment, then annotate over the video and record voiceovers, pausing and playing the video of the practical to create a multimedia record of the experiment and of the key scientific ideas that it demonstrates.
  • In Early Years classes, record multiple videos of children behaviours or of them describing their work, then bring these into a single slide, adding notes, associated images and a voiceover from the teacher or member of support staff.
  • Recording, playing back, pausing and annotating techniques in PE

... and so many more.

A few weeks ago, I led a 1 hour iPad training session at South Wolverhampton and Bilston Academy. To get the staff up and running using Explain Everything, I challenged them to create an Explain Everything presentation in response to the following question:

SWBA March 2013.png

Have a think about the question before watching my demo Explain Everything presentation that explains the correct answer!

Explain Everything is an ideal tool for challenging students to explain their thinking, and is thus a key part of your iPad toolbox for any project-based learning task.

The app is £1.99 in the App Store (App Store Link). There is a free iBook manual available for Explain Everything - the link can be found in the app itself, under the 'information' button in the app's home screen.