Added 07/05/14 - Additional scenarios

Here are some additional scenarios, in addition to the below:

Simple maze game


Task: Create a simple maze game - can you navigate the cat through the maze, without touching the walls, within the time limit?

Statement checker:

  • Sequence (✔), selection (✔), repetition (✔), variables (✔)
  • Mouse input to control cat


An aquarium


Task: Create a simulation of an aquarium, with fish, sharks, and crabs. Ideal as a straightforward introduction to the basics of Scratch.


Click to download presentation (PDF)

Click to download presentation (PDF)

Added 09/04/14 - New presentation

Here is the latest presentation for introducing Scratch, with an overview of the software, how it relates to the PoS for National Curriculum 2014, and suggested weblinks.

Added 28/01/14 - Session feedback

Fantastic course, very well presented. Thank you.

Has given a good base knowledge in order to deliver lessons to pupils and plan scheme of work.

Great fun and loads of resources to use with kids.

Fantastic course!

An excellent day, thank you.

Am now confident at beginning to use Scratch.


Tomorrow I am leading a Scratch training session with primary and special school staff. During the session, we are going to be exploring a series of different Scratch programming scenarios for potential use in computing lessons with learners. Each scenario is designed to:

  • be accessible, in its simplest form, to children from Year 3 / Year 4
  • be extended and modified by more able / older learners, adding details, new functions or aesthetic improvements 
  • allow teachers to introduce one or more of the key concepts from the new National Curriculum for Computing (download here)


Scratch program planning sheet


This generic Scratch planning sheet would be best printed in A3 for student / student groups to use during the planning phase of a program. I hope you find it useful:


These scenarios were partly / significantly inspired by the work and online publications of some amazing Scratch educators / bloggers, notably the following:

Scenario 1: Race Car

Task: Create a simple car game. The car laps the track, leaving a trail behind it. Can you keep the trail within the track as the car speeds up lap-by-lap? Extend the game by including speech bubbles and sound effects. (This scenario is a post-Xmas version of the Santa game I blogged about last year)

Statement checker:

  • Sequence (✔), selection (✔), repetition (✔), variables (✔)
  • Mouse input to control car


Graphics items (taken from Click on images to see and download the full size version.


Scenario 2: Conversation


Task: Create a conversation between two characters, using wait commands, say commands and recorded audio to create a simple cartoon strip.

Statement checker:

  • Sequence (✔)
  • Planning of this exercise is critical - see planning sheet below


Scenario 3: Drawing machine


Create a simple version of an 'Etch-a-Sketch', controlled by the keyboard, then extend to a version with on-screen buttons by using the broadcast command.

Statement checker:

  • Sequence (✔), selection (✔), repetition (✔)
  • Keyboard input to control pen (simple version), mouse control (extension version)


Scenario 4: Bat and ball

A simple version of the classic 'Pong'. How long can you keep the ball in the air?

Statement checker:

  • Sequence (✔), selection (✔), repetition (✔), variables (✔)
  • Mouse input to control bat


Scenario 5: Guess the number / Times Table Quiz

Can you guess the number that Scratch is thinking of? Extend to a version with additional features then use similar principles to create a times table quizzer.

Statement checker:

  • Sequence (✔), selection (✔), repetition (✔), variables (✔)
  • User input via keyboard in response to a question


Scenario 6: Polygon creator

Create polygons using pen commands, repeat commands and correct angles. Extend to a version which draws regular polygons automatically based on an inputted number of sides.

Statement checker:

  • Sequence (✔), selection (✔), repetition (✔), variables (✔)
  • User input via keyboard in response to a question.


An extended version of the polygon creator

Other sample files