During the Autumn Term, members of the Learning Technologies Team have been leading and facilitating a wide range of in-class sessions and CPD provision for schools.

Staff Training

We've run a range of CPD sessions which are designed to support schools in integrating technology tools into outstanding learning experiences for their children:

  • Planning for the new curriculum
  • Digital Safeguarding
  • Computing Policy Writing
  • Programming on the iPad
  • Digital Programmer
  • Early Years and the iPad
  • Introduction to Kodu / Advanced Kodu
  • SMART Outstanding Educator
  • Introduction to Scratch / Advanced Scratch
  • Project-based learning on the iPad
  • Digital Artist
  • Digital Animator
  • Digital Broadcaster
  • Digital Film-making

For the first time, schools signed up to a "Gold" package for their SLA were able to send children to these sessions. These Digital Leaders then went back into school to support other children and teachers in making the most of the skills and ideas they had used in the CPD sessions.

Staff meetings / INSET / parent sessions

  • Integrating the iPads into the primary curriculum
  • INSET days: Introduction to iPad, Introduction to the new computing curriculum
  • Demystifying the new curriculum
  • eSafeguarding staff meetings
  • Parent eSafety awareness sessions

In-class sessions and support

In-class sessions are a core part of the work of the Learning Technologies Team. Where some "training organisations" prefer to work only with staff, we love getting into classrooms and working alongside teachers and students. Here are some of the activities we've been involved in their term.

Scratch (Programming)

  • Creating conversations in Scratch - Woodthorne Y3, Merridale Y5
  • Creating virtual aquariums in Scratch - Long Knowle Primary school Y6, Warstones Primary School Y6
  • Bonfire night / fireworks displays - Long Knowle Year 2, Lanesfield Y3
  • Creating a robot maze game (with levels!) - Lanesfield Y3
  • Modelling changes of state - Merridale Y4
  • Modelling shadows / distance from light sources - Merridale Y3
  • Creating quizzes in Scratch - Merridale Y6
  • "Where can you fly to from Birmingham Airport?" - a tour of the world - Y4 Palmers Cross Primary School

Stop-motion animation

  • (Working alongside EAL Local Authority team). Parent / child sessions.

Kodu (Programming)

  • Introduction to Kodu - Y4, Long Knowle, Warstones Y4, Woodthorne Y5/ Y6, Palmers Cross Y5, Dovecotes Y5
  • Creating a Kodu "collecting" game - Y6, Long Knowle
  • Creating a side-scrolling game - Y5, Lanesfield
  • Creating a "comet landing" game - Y6, St. Teresa's

iPad Creativity

  • "All about me" eBooks - Palmers Cross, Y2
  • "The Night Before Christmas" film-making - Rakegate Y4

Broadcasting / podcasting

  • A space adventure - live broadcasting using the iPad / BossJock - St. Teresa's Y4 (Play or download the podcast below!)

Here are photos from some of these sessions:



Away from the computer exercises



EAL Animation

The Learning Technologies Team would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas holidays and a very Happy New Year!