This term, the Learning Technologies Team have been working with Year 5 and Year 6 students from primary schools around the city in our Junior Apprentice Game creation challenge. During an intensive day-long session in school, and utilising a range of iPad apps to create and share their ideas, students have worked in teams to design and market an idea for an iPad game to a team of judges.

The winning team from each class has qualified for a forthcoming Wolverhampton final for the chance to pitch their game idea to the Wolverhampton-based game studio Void Games. Void will choose one game idea to be created and released onto the iOS App Store! The winners will be announced at our digital learning awards on July 14th.

We have been very impressed by the teamwork, creativity and presentation skills of the children. Here is a quick look at the winning entries so far, with the App Store Description written by the students for each. Teams from Northwood Park Primary School and Spring Vale Primary school will be competing in the next two weeks.

Wodensfield Primary School (Year 5) - 'School Run'

Join Penny and Ruler as they embark on an adventure around school. Avoid the dangers around the school, such as Mr Sharpener, rogue tables, sticking out chairs and spillages. Leap and run around the school to get mystery boxes and other amazing things. So come and play the fabulous School Run as you rampage round school.

Eastfield Primary School (Year 5) - 'All you have is a candle'

All You Have Is A Candle is a very challenging game. Billy Joe Cobra and his younger brother (James Joe Cobra) get lost in a spooky mansion and can't get out!

To get out they have to find a key. If they take too long the phantom will get them. To control them you have to tap to jump. Have you got what it takes?

Loxdale Primary School (Year 6) - 'Cat, Run'

'Cat, Run' is an action game that's packed full of excitement and fun. You are a cat that is trying to escape from a dog. Unlock the levels by getting back to your owner's house. Make sure you don't get caught by the dog or you'll die! If you are cool buy it today.

Hill Avenue Primary School (Year 6) - 'Super Run'

Super Run is an action packed, fun game with loads of adventures around the world. It's good for children and adults of all ages. We can guarantee you will be glued to this app for hours of your day. Jumping from land to land from Valentine's day to Christmas in 2 minutes. You will have so much fun travelling with Anna on her adventure to different places. But beware there are some repugnant objects that you will need to avoid.

Berrybrook Primary School (Year 5) - 'Super Ninja'

Super Ninja is a thrilling game. You can drive a car by tilting the iPad. You have to try and get the baddies and collect money like 1, 5, 10 dollars. At every level there will be a mini game. If you complete it you will get a diamond so you can buy new cars like Lamborghinis.  There are also exciting things because it's set in New York. This game is also hd please come and try! 

D'Eyncourt Primary School (Year 5) - 'Gym Wars'

Join Max and Phoebe on their competitive competition to see who really is the best in the gym. Prepare to have your socks totally blown off. You need to tap the screen to make Max and Phoebe exercise faster and faster as they work hard to keep fit. We know that you will absolutely love this addictive, amazing, fantastic game.  You will enjoy every second of this great game!

Dunstall Hill Primary School (Year 5) - 'Jungle Portal'

This mind-blowing game features adventure and fantasy. Play as Clyde Pilgrim escaping monsters by going through portals. Remember: focus and good luck. 

Oh by the way if the game is your type I recommend you to download and play.

Also tilt up to jump an down to slide not to much. This is Jungle portal. And you also slide left and right go faster and slower  collect coins to gain more points. Remember do not get eaten by the tigers.