An important message regarding The WOSCARs

Following a request from lawyers acting on behalf of The Academy Awards, asking us to refrain from using the name “The WOSCARS” to brand our annual digital awards event, we have decided to re-brand the event as The Digital Learning Awards or “The DIGIs” for short (


Clearly, whilst this request has resulted in a change of name, it in no way detracts from the event itself, which continues to grow and generate interest from schools in Wolverhampton (and beyond). This year, there were over 500 entries from 38 schools around the city.

The Learning Technologies Team is committed to the success of the event which demonstrates the fabulous work undertaken by teachers and learners in schools, which this year has seen yet another increase in the number of schools submitting content.

The very first DIGIs event will be held at The Grand Theatre on July 14th - we look forward to seeing many of you there!