Filming in front of the green screen.

To coincide with the UK General Election, Merridale Primary School asked groups of students in each class to devise a new school rule. A group from each year group was selected (democratically, via an in-class vote!) to represent their year group. The winning groups then scripted and rehearsed their own party political broadcasts, and worked with LTT to film in front of a green screen, using the iPad app Green Screen by DoInk to composite video, with a slide which explained their rule.

The films were shown to the whole class in a special assembly, and the whole school then voted for their preferred new school rule.

Here are the films the children created (please note: we were unable to publish the Year 2 film due to permission issues):

Year 1

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

The winning class in the election was .... Year 6. Well done to the children for presenting so well in front of the camera, and to Merridale school for taking advantage of a topical event to provide an engaging, rewarding experience for the children of the school.