Minecraft: Education Edition is an open-world game that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive environment where the only limit is your imagination.

Minecraft has the ability to disguise learning in a game format to allow those students who don’t get involved in the standard lesson. The sandbox style game allows educators to incorporate Minecraft into any curriculum.

The vast community within the game allows new content to be created every day, so there is no shortage of lessons to use. 

Many educators around the world also use Minecraft to develop pupil learning strategies through Maths English and Science.

Minecraft has two settings, Creative and Survival. Creative allows students to really build whatever they can come up with. There is also a feature that allows a student to document their build to explain to the teacher what they have created to add that extra layer of thinking into the work.

Survival puts your student into a world full of it’s own challenges as well as make your student keeps their character fed at all times, this mode is perfect for creating the students story through the characters eyes.


Learning Technologies Team have been using Minecraft education across Wolverhampton schools to try and expand on the curriculum to make lessons more interesting to those students who don’t really engage. 

One student from Long Knowle Primary when asked what they thought of using MineCraft in this way responded “I have really enjoyed these lessons as they have taught me to work within a team to build our school within MineCraft”. One other student said “This is a much better way to learn as everyone in the class is engaged and no one is distracting the class from learning”.

Learning Technologies are currently hosting a competition within the school to see who can create the best school within teams of two. the groups will have to present their school in front of the Headteacher and the board of governors, the winner will then be given a chance to go the the Wolverhampton Digital Awards for 2017.

The software has a bright future within schools with many update scheduled to come out to allow both student s and teachers the ability to broaden their lessons to allow to their student to learn in new and exciting ways.

MineCraft Education can be downloaded from the Minecraft Education website for both Windows 10 machines as well as Mac OS. The subscription is only £3 per student per year.