Its 4pm on a sunny Thursday afternoon, and another LTT Geolocation day has come to an end. This is one of many that have been planned and booked in by schools over the coming weeks and I look forward to each and everyone of them - even if I was in the snow a few weeks ago!

"My favourite part of the whole trip was when everyone was getting along and working as a team to get the most points"

"My favourite part of the whole trip was when everyone was getting along and working as a team to get the most points"

Its a great pleasure to be able to offer these days where children can combine technology with being active and also learning about the environment and habitats that they may not be aware of in their everyday lives.

The children love the idea of competing against each other to complete digital orienteering trails and GPS navigation hunts in order to gain points for their team. Teachers are often surprised or enlightened at some learners who are usually not very active or willing to learn in the classroom, being top of the leader board because they have found a learning environment that suits them.


As you wander around the site you can hear the bellows of the children calling to their partner 'come on we've only got 5 to go' or 'have you got the map' or 'hold on we're going in the wrong direction!' The children are given the chance to show their independence and resilience in completing the challenges they have been given and more often than not rise to that challenge.


"I enjoyed finding the animal cards and scanning the pictures to find all the clues."

Technology is often perceived by many people, as users sat in front of a screen being uncommunicative, unsociable and inactive but come and watch children on one of these sessions and you will see completely the opposite. 


"I liked spotting the pictures of the birds on the trees. We scanned them and it gave us a letter that we had to use to create a word!"


Its now 4:30 and I sit here reflecting on my objectives for the session. Have the children been active... Check, have the children been learning...check, did we achieve this by the use of technology in the outdoor environemt...check. Job Done. Lets hope its sunny for the next one.

Update... Its now 4pm on a wet Friday afternoon with another session finished and we've had just as much fun even if the weather has been against us. Its also lovely to receive the following words from staff after their visit.


"This is the second time I have visited Kingswood for the Geolocation experience day and once again it hasn't failed to deliver. Both myself and the children thoroughly enjoyed the whole day of activities. Children were engaged and behaved well. They learnt map skills and worked as a team to solve challenges and loved competing against the other teams. Even better than the first time round".


Take your tech and  go and enjoy the great outdoors!