On Wednesday 28th June, Year 7 students from local Secondary schools: Colton Hills, Heath Park and Moreton Community joined Learning Technologies and HeadStart staff for a fun-filled day at Kingswood Trust.

Students were mixed up and placed into their teams for the day. The morning started off with team introductions as an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other. Each team was then presented with an envelope and the nominated Team Captain had the role of sharing their challenge for the day ahead …

The Gathering Storm!

Each of the seven teams made their way over to the first activity of the day. Once in position, Team Captains shared their challenge with their peers. On the sound of the first whistle, teams negotiated how to solve the problem, discussing and exploring a range of different strategies along the way. After ten minutes, the whistle sounded again to signal the end of the challenge.

The teams persevered and worked collaboratively throughout each of the seven assigned tasks…some of which involved water, slime and cryptic themed puzzles! Points awarded throughout the morning were based on teamwork, resilience and task completion.

After lunch, the scores from the morning tasks were revealed and points were translated into ‘money’ which resulted in equipment for the next task. Each team had the challenge of building a shelter to withstand The Gathering Storm!

Teams soon gathered and took cover in their shelters while leaders poured buckets of water over each build. Students evaluated their construction and quickly identified strengths and areas for development…many wishing they could have covered all of the gaps in the tarpaulin!

Despite the persistent drizzle throughout the day, it did not dampen the spirits of our young people and the buckets of water and slime only added to the fun and excitement of the day making it a memorable day for all involved.