As the children were busy building robots to take on the trials planned for them, a quick glance above would give a clue as to a potential role in engineering that could grow from their interest in STEM.

It was the most fitting of backdrops, completing LEGO-related challenges under the expertly engineered planes of the Cold War period at RAF Cosford.

The event was a fantastic success. Children from across Wolverhampton represented their schools proudly. Competing against one another to be crowned LTT LEGO Challenge Champions 2018. The day involved aspects of design (designing the best robot to compete in a football challenge), programming (enabling the robots to complete a maze whilst carrying water) and control (ensuring the robot can be controlled to score goals in the football challenge). The children engaged enthusiastically to solve each problem.


It was inspirational to see how engaged the young people in our schools were with engineering, and that so many boys and girls from across Wolverhampton shared the spirit of those greater designers and engineers that have gone before them.

Many thanks to Kelly and the team at RAF Cosford who really made the day work superbly and we look forward to the LTT LEGO Challenge 2019.