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The Digital Learning Awards (The DIGIs) is a fabulous annual event which celebrates the achievements of learners and teachers in digital film and media creativity of all types. Last year, over 500 pieces of work from around the city were submitted, culminating in two fabulous ceremonies at The Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton

This year's

The DIGIs 2018 will be held on Monday July 2nd, at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre. Two ceremonies will be held during the day:

  • an Early Years / Key Stage 1 event in the afternoon
  • a Key Stage 2 - 5 event in the evening

Parents of children whose work has been nominated will be invited to attend. Last year, over 800 parents attended the two ceremonies,  Please note that there will be a small charge for parental tickets, which helps to contribute to the cost of staging the DIGIs event. Tickets for children and school staff will remain free of charge.


How do I submit entries?

To submit entries for all categories for The DIGIs 2018, except 'Most Innovative Practice', you will need to have access to Wolverhampton eService's cloudW (Office 365 platform). If you do not have access to the cloudW platform, you will need to request access first - click on the button above to request access.

If you have access to cloudW (or once you have been granted access), submit your work here. You will be asked to log into cloudW. Follow the instructions on the page that then appears.

Please note: you will be asked to provide details about the work you are submitting, including the title of the work, year group(s) of young people and the context in which the work was created.


Submitting entries for 'Most Innovative Practice'

For entries for 'Most Innovative Practice', please download and complete the following submission template. Instructions for submission are included in the file.