DIGIs 2016 will be held on July 11th, 2016. Read all about it, and submit your entries here.

The most
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The Digital Learning Awards (The DIGIs) is a fabulous annual event which celebrates the achievements of learners and teachers in digital film and media creativity of all types.

The DIGIs 2015 awards were held on Monday July 6th, at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre. Two ceremonies were held during the day:

  • an Early Years / Key Stage 1 event in the afternoon
  • a Key Stage 2 - 5 event in the evening

This year, over 600 pieces of work from around the city were submitted, culminating in two ceremonies at The Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton. Over 800 parents, carers and siblings joined us for the ceremonies too, celebrating alongside the winning and shortlisted students.


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DIGIs 2015