What is the eLearner Framework?

The eLearner Framework (eLF) is constructed around set of statements of achievement covering a student's progress in digital skills and thinking throughout primary and secondary education. Statements are organised into five EDCIT levels of progress (Exploratory, Developing, Confident, Independent and Transformational) and within five themes (Awareness, Planning, Skills, Sharing and Feedback).

The eLearner Framework is not a scheme of work. Rather, it is a set of progress statements for integration into lesson planning and into formative, summative, or student self-assessment tasks.

There are 11 sets of statements in all, relating to following eLearning themes:

  • Digital Animator
  • Digital Artist
  • Digital Broadcaster
  • Digital Data Handler
  • Digital Designer
  • Digital Film-maker
  • Digital Musician
  • Digital Presenter
  • Digital Programmer
  • Digital Publisher
  • Digital Researcher

How do I access the eLearner Framework?

The eLearner Framework is free to access for all schools:

  1. As an online, interactive presentation from elf.lttonline.net. The presentation is scaled ideally for viewing on a notebook computer or iPad screen.
  2. As a PDF download of EDCIT statements, either individually by theme, or as a single PDF download

Downloads listed below:

Download all of the eLF EDCIT Statements:

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