Transforming your school using technology course

This course, over three sessions, is designed to support coordinators and senior leaders in embracing and embedding the transformative potential of technology.  The sessions will consider vision and strategy, alternative models of pedagogy and 21st Century skills as well as change management and action planning.

All are designed to bring about positive change through appropriate and innovative use of technology. 

Strategic Support

Strategic meetings

Every SLA school will receive 2 strategic meetings each year.  Gold schools will receive written feedback and suggested next steps. 

Support with Learning Walks, pupil and parent interviews

With experienced senior leaders within the team, we provide in-school support around technology use and its impact. This can include informal monitoring and feedback, including learning walks, pupil, staff and parent view as well as curriculum development and support. 

Bespoke Support for Coordinators

We offer support for coordinators at all stages of their development. Support includes: subject knowledge, curriculum development, audits of equipment and staff confidence/skills, planning monitoring and action planning.

We can support schools in gathering meaningful data through the use of bespoke online surveys,  created to meet your needs. Examples include: online safety questionnaires, parent views of the school, pupil views of the school, specific staff audits of skills. This information will be shared with schools with analysis as requested.

Bespoke surveys for schools

Our team can help shape your policies to ensure they are fit for purpose and compliant with current Ofsted expectations.  

Policy support

We can provide training and support on a variety of workflow solutions, both for administration purposes and teaching and learning  Additionally, we can provide guidance with social media and school websites (including auditing to ensure compliance relating to published materials.) 

Training - systems (workflow, websites, social media)

To ensure that Governor/Trust Boards are suitably informed, we provide online safety training which briefs Governors and Trustees on the current online safety climate and which supports them in their role in keeping all stakeholders within the school as safe as possible online.

Governor meeting  (online safety) 

Online safety meetings for parents and carers  provide current information about how to keep their children and themselves safe online. As with all of our training, we can discuss bespoke needs for a particular setting to ensure that our sessions have the greatest impact for your stakeholders.

Parents & Carers’ meetings - online safety