• Primary Computing ITT - A curated collection of resources to support primary teacher training agencies (and, frankly, anyone else working in primary schools) in the delivery of the forthcoming computing curriculum. It is an excellent starting point for primary teachers as they prepare for the computing aspect of curriculum change.
  • Teaching Computing Science - A valuable collection of links, tutorials and lesson ideas for secondary colleagues from Wolverhampton teacher Simon Johnson.
  • - A wonderful resource for all things Computer Science (especially around the use of Scratch) from Phil Bagge.
  • Simon Haughton's computing blog - Another great resource for teaching computing
  • Computing At School - The national grass roots organisation for all things computing, especially computer science. Free to join, with hundreds of resources shared by teaching resources shared by the community.
  • - Great ideas for "Away from the computer" exercises
  • Kodu Game Lab - The homepage of Kodu, with many links to tutorials and resources for the use of Kodu.
  • Scratch - the homepage for Scratch, and the new web-based Scratch 2.0. If you want to download the old, installed, version of Scratch (Scratch 1.4.) use this link.
  • Computer Science Education Resource Guide - A collection of resources to support both primary and secondary teachers in the delivery of the computer science curriculum.


  • Teacher Guide to iPad - an amazing iPad app that helps you to integrate the iPad into the learning experiences of your primary age children.
  • Mr. ICT Parkinson - a wonderful blog of ideas for using iPads and other eLearning / web tools in your teaching.



  • Historic Newspapers - A wonderful collection of historic newspapers to buy, with free copies of newspapers from key historic dates (WW1, WW2, the sinking of the Titanic, Apollo 11) available for educators.