It has been another very busy and productive term for the Learning Technologies Team, working with learners and teachers from Wolverhampton schools and neighbouring areas on a wide range of in-class sessions, staff CPD experiences and other projects.

Here is an overview of some of the work.

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Central Training Courses

We have run a wide range of training courses in support of the strands in our eLearner framework, and strategic sessions around digital safeguarding, policy writing and planning for the new curriculum.

We introduced two new courses - Digital Musician, and Digital Data Handler to our roster of courses. Feedback on CPD sessions has been very positive, and we've supported staff who have attended sessions through in-class support back in school, allowing staff to apply the ideas and knowledge they have developed when back with their classes.

A great day of training, more difficult software and vocabulary made easy to understand. Lots of free software that can be used in school.
I will be encouraging staff to get stick in and experiment. We will continue dialogue about use of iPads in staff meetings so we share work, successes or otherwise. This was a very good day. Thank you!
Very good content and focus for all abilities and ages. There are many apps and ideas that I hope to use in the classroom
Interesting and engaging. Fantastic. Thank you.
A brilliant session that was very useful with suggestions for use in the classroom.
A really enjoyable, inciteful day with real life applications and use in the classroom. Thanks.
Superb hands on delivery.

In-class support sessions

The range of in-class support experiences has continued to develop and broaden.

In computer science, we have worked with learners as they develop key programming skills but also vital computational thinking such as problem solving, logic and the ability to communicate and collaborate.

In digital creativity sessions, we have worked with learners and students in film-making, stop-motion animation, eBook creation and podcasting. We have also extended work into new areas: digital music, the use of QR Codes, and exciting developments in the use of iBeacons geolocation technology.

Here is a taste of some of the in-class work we've been engaged in:

  • Programming activities in Kodu - underwater games, side-scrolling games and “Pong”
  • Programming activities in Scratch and Scratch Jnr around themes which have included The Vikings, Flights from Birmingham Airport, space invaders games, Halloween, space stories and comparing European and African countries.
  • “Away from the Computer” computing workshops with KS1 students, including Beebots, mazes and instructional writing
  • eBook creation / digital publishing around a range of themes; everything from Little Red Riding Hood to penguins, the Easter story to eSafety, Toy Story to The Egyptians
  • Digital artwork sessions, including ghostly art, underwater art, Aztec art, art from Ancient Greece
  • Film-making, including a detective story (creating police appeal videos with Photo Fit art for The Case of the Hobnobbler!), green-screen film-making for news and sports reports, and a remake of scenes from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.
  • Using iMovie trailers to explore concepts in programming
  • Stop-motion animation activities around a wide range of themes
  • Piloting geolocation work with The Kingswood Activity Centre, using iBeacons which trigger the delivery of content and learning activities to iPads at key points around a woodland trail.
  • Podcasting / radio activities: class broadcasts based around events in World War 2
  • Digital Design and robotics after-school clubs and workshops with Year 7 to Year 9 students.
  • An after-school ICT club for digital leaders: computer programming in Scratch and Kodu, creating eSafety posters, and creating an eSafety radio show.
  • Creating QR code trails, linking locations in a school garden to video materials created by Year 2 children about the "monsters" that they have imagined live there.
  • Music creation, working with Year 7 and Year 8 students to create dance music in GarageBand on the Mac.

In-class Gallery


Staff and Parental eSafety workshops

Schools recognise the need to equip their learners and also their staff with the necessary knowledge and understanding to help them benefit from using technology safely and sensibly.

LTT have supported the key messaging around digital safeguarding. A range of esafety sessions have taken place, including well attended central courses, staff meetings and parent/carer briefings.

Fantastic. Keep it up.
Very informative and useful session thank you.
Thank you so much for doing this. A fantastic idea. Great presentation.
— ( A parent)

HeadStart Programme

Members of the Learning Technologies Team have been at the heart of the ongoing development of Wolverhampton's HeadStart project, which aims to support students from aged 10-14 in developing resilience to the stresses and challenges of family life, school life, peer pressure and our "always on" society.

Working alongside Kevin Pace, and the rest of the HeadStart team, we have supported the development and maintenance of the HeadStart.FM media portal for Wolverhampton HeadStart, and have coordinated projects within Strand 5 (Digital Technologies) of the HeadStart programme.

We have also led work in an in-class activity with schools in which learners design, market and present an idea for an app that will support students as they move from primary to secondary education.


INSET days

The Learning Technologies Team have planned and lead a number of whole-school INSET experiences this term, including: the integration of iPads into the curriculum, and digital safeguarding.


Web Design Projects

In addition to working on the HeadStart FM website mentioned above, the team have also developed a new site for Partnerships and School Sports (PASS) to support secondary age competitive sport in the city - see

We are also currently working on a number of other web design projects - more details to come soon.


LTT Computing - our scheme of work for KS1 and KS2

We continue to develop our LTT Computing scheme of work for KS1 and 2 learners, launching a set of activities to support Digital Publishing, Digital Data Handling, and Digital Art. More activities are to be launched in the coming weeks, and we shall iterate again on the resources over the summer in preparation for the 2015-2016 academic year.


Can we help you?

If you would like to the discuss the work of the Learning Technologies Team, and to find out how we are able to support students and teachers in your school, please contact us.