The Learning Technologies Team has a strong reputation, earned over the last 10 years, for our work with Wolverhampton schools and other organisations working in education and educational technology. Here are a few of the testimonials that colleagues have been kind enough to share with us:

You have my huge admiration and, more than that, my unequivocal support for your wonderful work .... the Wolverhampton team have enjoyed, rightly, a long standing reputation as innovators with new technologies in education - brave in vision, constantly ambitious for your learners, held in great esteem by industry and academia together, and just plain respected everywhere.You are all too modest to be proud of that, and blush no doubt to read it, but there it is.

Professor Stephen Heppell,

Wolverhampton Learning Technologies team and their schools are passionate about exploiting ICT to maximise the benefits for the young people and families in their care. At the forefront of innovation with educational technology Wolverhampton regularly receive interest internationally both from education and industry sectors. Their ground breaking work on Mobile Learning has had and continues to have significant impact and influence on the use of 1 to 1 technologies locally, nationally and internationally. Through its strategic approach and commitment to innovation the team continues to provide excellent support for its schools to the benefit of the Wolverhampton learners of today and tomorrow.

Lord Knight of Weymouth, previously Labour Schools Minister

Wolverhampton schools are exemplary in their use of technology to improve student outcomes. We have visited school jurisdictions in numerous countries around the world and have found that Wolverhampton’s support for its schools and focus on student success is world class and truly exceptional. A video case study of technology adoption in Wolverhampton is currently being used by SMART Technologies as an example to other worldwide clients of the transformational use of educational technology.

Tom Hodson, President, SMART Technologies,

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The pedagogical support received from the Learning Technologies Consultants has ensured our provision is not only suited for the 21st Century but is also a strength of our school and at the heart of school improvement.

Gary Gentle, Headteacher, Bilston CE Primary School,