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What are the categories for 2018?

  • Best Digital Design
  • Best Programming
  • Best Short Film
  • Most Innovative Practice
  • Best Publication
  • Best Animation
  • Best Music
  • Best Audio
  • Best Artwork

If you wish to submit files in other formats, please contact us. 

The preferred file formats below are only for guidance.


Best Animation

Stop-frame animation, Flash animation, Pivot Animations, 3D / CGI animation, 2Animate

  • Preferred file formats: WMV, QuickTime (MOV, MP4), AVI, SWF, Animated GIF

Please ensure animations are in exported file formats that can be played on Windows and Mac OS

Best Digital Artwork

Digital painting, illustrations, graphics, and photography.

  • Preferred file formats: PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF

Best Digital Design

3D and 2D designs for objects, machines, buildings, rooms, clothing etc.

  • Preferred file formats: SKP (SketchUp), STL, Collada, IGES, video files, image files.

Best Digital Music

Music may include live instruments, but must have a strong digital editing / sequencing / manipulation element.

  • Preferred file formats: MP3 and AAC

Best Publication

Best eBook, website or presentation:

  • Factual or fictional content in the form of a digital book. Created using iBooks Author, iPad apps (Book Creator, My Story etc.). 2Simple software (exported as SWF), non-linear stories in PowerPoint.
  • Presentations created in PowerPoint, Keynote, SMART Notebook or Prezi.
  • Student-created websites, including wikis and blogs.
  • Preferred file formats: ePub, PDF, PowerPoint and Keynote. 

If you are submitting a website, please provide a valid URL for the site.

Best Audio

Audio in the style of radio shows, radio plays, or audiobooks, including poetry, and story-telling.

  • Preferred file formats: MP3 and AAC

Best Programming

Computer programs (including mobile apps), or computer games. This may also be based on evidence of original "away from the computer" exercises using programmable toys or other practical experiences for students.

  • Preferred file formats: Scratch MIT files, Kodu, SWF, 2DIY (exported as SWF), images, video. Please contact us if unsure.
  • If the files can't be exported from the iPad please screen record and send us the video. (IOS 11 only)

Best Short Film

Short films created by students, or with clear student involvement. Collaborative films, created with the assistance of a professional film-maker, may be submitted, but may be judged within a separate category.

  • Preferred file formats: QuickTime (MOV, MP4), AVI.

Most Innovative Practice

Designed to showcase new practice / projects that have taken place within the school during this academic year. The practice should have a distinct focus on using ICT in new and exciting ways to support and enhance the teaching and learning experience.

To submit an entry for this category, please download and complete an application form (MS Word document), rather than submit an online entry.

  • Preferred file formats: Case study via the submission form with supporting evidence provided e.g. video, audio, lesson plans, images, produced work, web-links.